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Wichita Lawyers Win Cases Throughout Kansas

Consult the Wichita attorneys with a stellar reputation

When you need an attorney with a track record of success, call Pate & Paugh, LLC The firm has a reputation throughout the state as a group of Wichita lawyers who are dedicated to their clients and win their cases.

The firm offers clients the very best in legal representation in a wide array of practice areas, including:

Appealsdot Elder Law
dot Business Transactionsdot Estate Planning
dot Child in need of Care dot Family law
dot Civil litigation dot Insurance defense
dot Criminal Defense dot Juvenile Law
dot Divorce Child custody dot Spousal & child support
dot DUI Traffic violations dot White collar crime
dot Education & labor law  

Attorneys in Wichita, KS manage cases of all types

Always courteous, sometimes aggressive and never laid back, the firm treats clients with care and consideration while making it clear to opponents that they fight to win. They have the experience to know exactly how to handle each case and that every case is different. Some require a gentle touch and some need a take-no-prisoners attitude.

When the attorneys of Pate & Paugh, LLC. meet with their clients, they do a careful and detailed assessment of the case to determine what approach is best suited to gaining the winning outcome that every client wants. Whether it is a criminal, domestic related or business-related case, the firm offers customized service.

Attention to detail

Cases are often won, lost or settled because of one tiny detail. That's why Pate & Paugh, LLC. pays attention. Divorces, education and labor cases and even injury criminal can hinge on something easily overlooked. Over the years the attorneys at Pate & Paugh, LLC. have learned the importance of listening to their clients, opposing counsel, witnesses and everyone involved in a case. They carefully read and absorb the information in every document and ensure that they know your case, inside and out.

Call the Wichita lawyers who know how to win

The attorneys of Pate & Paugh, LLC. are available Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 5:00pm and after hours by appointment. To schedule a consultation, call 316-303-0100 in Wichita or visit the firm's contact us page.





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